September 27th* - October 2nd
6 Nights

Riders are required to be in Mill Valley on the 26th by 2pm.

Director Sportif - TBA
Ride Producer - TBA
Creative Director -  TBA

Fill in this form to be officially considered for the 2018 Tour. We are aiming to make selections and announcements by late April which will give you approximately 4 and half months to train. If you have questions on how the selection works please see our handy FAQ below this form:

Name *
Gender *
This just allows to balance genders.
How far have you ridden a bike? *
Just so we understand you bike level - don't worry every year we have a wide range of skills of cyclists from semi pro cyclists to never ridden further than the local restaurant/bar.
Have you ridden a Firelfies tour before *



How do we choose?

It's kind of complicated. We aim to create a mixed group of riders who center on the advertising industries. Below are some of the questions we have heard and some of the answers we give:


Why are there so many returning veterans?

We try and aim for a 50% returning veterans to 50% new riders ratio. The veterans help with guiding the virgins on the road and throughout the long days and the virgins keep the veterans in line and help spread the Fireflies spirit.

Why are there so many Brits?

The Fireflies are a global family so we try to include a handful of European or international Fireflies as they like to include some West Coast veterans on their tours. 

Why are there a handful of non-ad people?

While we are mostly centered on our industry of advertising and the supporting marketing disciplines but we also like to include some riders from the 'outside'. It keeps the conversation interesting

Why aren't there more women?

On average we have about 10-15 female riders every year but we would love more. Ideally we would have an equal split of genders but we don't get as many applications from women - please let your female friends and colleagues know about us as they have a great chance of being selected.